Regional CARE Locations

"A Safe Place To Go and a Caring Person to Come to..."

The change of pace and responsibilities when one comes to the Regional CARE locations can help individuals gain a fresh perspective on their calling and experience personal spiritual renewal. Showing hospitality involves much more than sharing a meal and providing a bed. It involves being a channel of God's blessing to one another as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, encouraging one another, meeting one another's needs, and sharing one another's concerns, hurts, and victories. We believe that the spiritual health of those in ministry is extremely important to those they serve. Our regional CARE homes offer purposeful, intentional, and deliberate encouragement, lovingly directed personal ministry, and rest for the mind, soul, and spirit.

We Offer:

Our smoke and alcohol free facilities offer one day personal ministry (at some locations), several night stays at some, and longer stays at select locations for those who desire an extended time of ministry.

Personal Ministry Appointment

Personal ministry time varies for each person, depending on what you requested when you applied. We will be happy to set aside time for you. It may be all at one time or may be spread out over the day to give you time to process as the Holy Spirit speaks to you. We are prepared to be flexible.
NOTE: Not all that do the personal ministry are licensed professional counselors. They do not make a diagnosis. They are Christian ministers who listen, care, love, suggest, and pray for a person's needs from a spiritual perspective based on the teachings of the Bible.

Our Purpose for Having Regional CARE Locations:

People often find themselves with bruised hearts that lead to places of emotional and physical pain. We don't assume to know, or even understand the extent of what you have endured, the choices that were made for you, or the choices you have made on your own that have brought you to our CARE locations, but we do know the One who is your safety rope and it is our heart to help you grab hold as He brings you to a place where you feel safe for the rest of your life. He loves you and we CARE.

CARE Locations

  • The Dalles, Oregon - Pastor/wife who specialize in encouragement/offenses/ betrayal/walking out forgiveness.
  • Post Falls /(Coeur D'Alene, Idaho - Pastor/wife who specialize in Transformation Prayer Ministry
  • Dothan, AL - MS Counseling, Licensed Ministry Coach. Specializes in helping others make steps towards goals and freedom, remain steadfast and encouraged in their calling, and learn to trust and actively use the Word of God. Has a tenderness for those who struggle with depression or anxiety.
  • Dothan, AL - Works with PK's and MK's. With over seven years of working with youth and young adults, he has a proven track record with Empowering the Next Generation to succeed in life. He is an experienced certified life coach, youth pastor, and author who is experienced in working with schools, companies/businesses, churches, conferences and non-profit organizations.
  • Pensacola, FL - MS, Registered Mental Health Counselor
  • Peachtree City, GA (Atlanta area) Certified Life Coach with the focus on healing the body, soul and spirit. Inviting the Holy Spirit to allow freedom and release through intentional coaching and prayer. Passionate about seeing people find their true identity in Christ.
  • Charlotte, NC - They are certified life and marriage coaches who are passionate about shepherding people in their relationships with God, themselves and others.
  • Lebanon (Nashville area),TN - Marriage and Family Therapist and CBT, TF-CBT, EMDR Therapy and EMDRIA therapist.
  • Lebanon (Nashville area), TN - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Trained to work with individuals, couples, and families, and uses an evidence-based approach to therapy that includes cognitive behavioral and attachment based interventions. Trained in EMDR. Passionate about working with young adults, and women. Specializations include: anxiety, relationship health, family issues, life transitions, and caregiver support.
  • Benton Harbor/Stevensville, Michigan - Pastor/wife who specialize in Transformation Prayer Ministry.
  • Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin - Bachelor's degree in psychology with a master's degree in guidance and counseling. She specializes in Transformation Prayer Ministry
  • Cassville, Wisconsin - Personal ministry for those dealing with abortion trauma.

It is our desire and purpose to:

Booking Your Time

Our heart is to meet your need. Please read thoroughly all the information on this site and follow the instructions. We look forward to serving you and will do our very best to accommodate you, but we do book on a "first-come, first-booked" basis.

Registration Process

How to register for a Regional CARE location:

  1. Complete the Reservation Request Form below
  2. Pay the non-refundable $25 applicaton fee
  3. Have a Referral Form sent from your missions agency and/or pastor to: ServantCARE, POBox 2583, Dallas, GA 30132 (Sorry, but the referral letter MUST arrive through postal mail for our files, NOT e-mail)
  4. The following should be completed and emailed to
  5. Release Form
  6. With each ministry/counseling session there is a minimal fee of $35. Our goal is to provide the ministry/counseling needed at a reasonable cost. All fees in U.S. Funds please. Some fees will be paid in person at the time of the session while others will be paid through this link:

We look forward to serving you and will do our very best to accommodate you, but we do book on a "first-come, first-booked" basis. Please get your request in early. If you will need housing in the area where you will be receiving ministry please go to our Hospitality Home link and select the home where you would like to stay. Follow the outlined procedure there. The referral will not have to be submitted a second time.

Requests for these locations are best submitted at least a month ahead of time and at the very least two weeks prior to the time of arrival.

Reservation Request Form
Though the homes and ministry times are not set up for children, we would like your children's names and ages!
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