Hospitality Homes

Scripture commands Christians to be given to hospitality. At some point in history the church lost its connection with the command to pursue hospitality.

At ServantCARE, we are actively engaged in the practice of biblical hospitality and desire to see it restored to the Body of Christ. To that end we have established the following hospitality network.

Hospitality homes allow us a wonderfully practical way to "care for those who serve". These are privately owned, smoke free Christian homes made available by those with a heart for hospitality, and a desire to serve those in ministry. Some are available only overnight, while others are available for longer periods of time. Some are small homes with a spare bedroom while others are large and have amenities like pools, game rooms, and libraries. Some are immaculate and some are well lived in. Some are remotely located for those who need quiet rest, but most are centrally located to interstates for convenience. All have hosts with open arms and open hearts.

"If there is any concept worth restoring to its original depth and evocative potential, it is the concept of hospitality."

Henri Nouwen

How to register to stay in a Hospitality Home (locations are located HERE):

  1. Complete the Reservation Request Form below. If you have a request for mulitiple homes or locations in one trip, please fill out only one form and pay one fee.
  2. Pay the non-refundable $25 application fee. Availability of a Host Home(s) is not guaranteed.
    • Should there need to be changes to the original request we will be happy to accommodate, but after the third change the nightly fee will increase to $20 to help cover the additional time required by staff to make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Have a Referral Form sent from your missions agency and/or pastor to:

    80 Seven Hills Blvd - Suite 101, Box 333
    Dallas, GA 30132
    (Sorry, but the referral letter MUST arrive through USPS for our files, NOT email)
  4. Send fee of $15/night to P.O. Box 172, Eufaula, AL 36072 (online payment available)
  5. The following should be completed and emailed to your Hospitality Home coordinator:

Contact Cheryl Hollis at or call 678-358-9830 with questions.

If it is necessary for you to cancel a confirmed reservation more than 30 days before the reservation date, we will refund your fee minus the $25.00 non-refundable processing fee. Any cancellation made in less than 30 days of application will forfeit 50% of the service fee, plus the application fee. On rare occasions our hosts may have to cancel after a reservation has been confirmed. We will make every effort to find alternative arrangements for you - either by rescheduling the dates or finding another location. If these arrangements cannot be made to your satisfaction, we will refund 100% of your payment, including the $25 processing fee.

We are sorry, but we are very limited in the accommodations we offer for long-term placements at the present time. Please see our "Resource Links" for possibilities that may help. Contact them directly through the information provided.

Using this website.

While every reasonable care has been taken to provide accurate information on this website, ServantCARE makes no representation or warranty (either express or implied) as to the completeness of the information or its suitability for any particular purpose. The information has been prepared for those interested in ministering to others through Biblical hospitality and those desiring to accept the hospitality of others. If you have a question about the information on this site you should contact the persons identified in the website for advice.

Liability is excluded.

By accessing the pages below, you agree that ServantCARE will not be liable for any loss and/or damages whatsoever that you may suffer and in particular ServantCARE will not be liable for special, consequential or incidental damages arising out of or in connection with this website or the information or material contained in it, whether any claim is brought in contract, or tort (including negligence) or otherwise.

Wisdom and Responsibility is encouraged.

Scripture teaches hospitality and promises blessings to those who practice it. ServantCARE desires to facilitate Christian hospitality as a ministry and blessing to those who need it and to those who provide it. However, ServantCARE encourages wisdom and personal responsibility by all parties. Specifically, all parties are encouraged to contact the spiritual leaders (pastors, elders, deacons) or organizational leaders (church, mission or sending agency) for references if there is any question in your mind. ServantCARE has, however, either visited and approved the Hospitality Homes, or has on file recommendations from pastors and ministry directors for those hosting. Further, ServantCARE encourages clear communication between all parties regarding guidelines and expectations, especially for extended stays.
There is no charge at most Hospitality Homes, however this Hospitality Home referral ministry of ServantCARE is partially funded by the donations of those using the service. All donations are $15 (in US funds) per night (per family). Being a faith based ministry we rely partially on donations to provide this service. Checks are made out to ServantCARE and mailed to P.O. Box 172, Eufaula, Alabama 36027.
If you chose one of the referrals listed under "resource links" and want ServantCARE to coordinate the reservation there will be a $25 donation (in US funds) payable in advance for this service. If the accommodations are unavailable it is non-refundable as there is time and expense involved in the attempted reservation. All other financial arrangements regarding listings on the "resource links" must be between the parties/ministry involved.

Reservation Request Form
Please understand, if you have children, some homes only have a guest room available. Children may have to sleep on sofas or sleeping bags. They are, however, most welcome!!

Click HERE to see the list of locations

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Because of the number of requests we have and the length of time it takes to receive the letter of referral from your mission agency or pastor (see above) we ask that you give us two weeks advance notice on your requests for housing. Sorry, but the referral letter MUST arrive via USPS for our files, NOT email.

We are so grateful to have you as a ServantCARE Hospitality Home host. Your servant hearts are a blessing to us and we desire to honor you in all we do together. To make your hosting a truly pleasurable time we have tried to think ahead and ask questions, and help with recommendations. We trust these will help make your hours with your guests a joyful time of creating memories.

Hospitality Homes were established to provide a low cost place for those in ministries to stay as they travel, whether on furlough, sabbatical, to attend a conference, or for ministry. ServantCARE will come for an overnight visit to meet you. We are a ministry that is strong on relationship and we don't just want to know you from a distance. You are a blessing and we want to know how we can be a blessing to you as well.

After you have completed everything in the host section we encourage you to take time to also read the policies for guests (located above this section) so you will know what our guidelines and expectations are for them before we send them to your home. We have found it to be a delightful arrangement for both host and guest. Often lasting relationships are developed.

Information for Hosts

  • Our host homes offer the dinner meal (unless they are arriving later) and breakfast for overnight guests. For guests who stay longer and according to your schedule you may leave things in the refrigerator and fruit on counter for them to serve themselves or you may serve meals, whichever is best for you. Often they will be out and about a great deal if they are staying a few days so meals will be eaten while they are gone. When they call to meet you on the phone you may want to inquire about food like and dislikes, as well as allergies/dietary restrictions in addition to what their schedules will be at mealtimes.
  • Please understand that as one travels in ministry plans sometimes are changed due to unforeseen circumstances and the people may not arrive at the hour they told you. We will encourage them to notify you early if they see that plans are subject to change. We have found this ministry requires great flexibility. Any guidelines you have because of family commitments are certainly understood. Please communicate them to your guests so they are able to honor your schedule as you have honored them by opening your home.
  • We would recommend the following amenities in the guest room. Kleenex, soft fluffy pillows make the adjustment of nightly changes easier, skin lotion (change of climates and types of water can be a challenge to the skin when traveling), extra blankets if the weather is cold, and perhaps a fan if it is warm. The women are especially grateful for this if they are at midlife hormonal changes. They won't mention this so we will. Thank you for allowing us to be frank.
  • We would encourage you to keep a fitted plastic sheet on any bed that younger children will sleep in.
  • We would encourage you to keep brochures on hand about sights in the area that your guests may want to see. If you can hand them material on the sites and tell them to have fun, you are relieved of the pressure of feeling as if you need to go and entertain while they are there. You are certainly free to entertain, if you so desire, but it is not necessary.In fact, they often appreciate the alone time.
  • ServantCARE Hospitality Homes were established to provide a low cost place for those in ministry to stay as they travel. Since Hospitality Homes do not receive donations at the location, as a host you are not only providing for the ones you host, but helping make this ministry possible for others as well. This hospitality home ministry is partially funded by the donations of those using the service. All donations to ServantCARE are $15 (in US funds) per night (per family). This helps with the office expenses of coordinating their stays, as well as offsetting a little of the expenses incurred locating and approving host homes (which requires extensive travel) across the country. We depend on ministry supporters to provide the bulk of finances for the travel involved in setting up new homes. Because of that, you not only touch the lives of the ones you host, but the ones that stay in other homes as well.
  • When you become a host you are a valuable part of our ministry team and are invited to avail yourself of the homes on our list as well.
  • Communication is vital to the success of this ministry for all of us so if you have a phone, address, or e-mail change please notify us immediately so our records are updated. Especially if you move, we do not want to lose a way to communicate with you.
  • We would love to hear your suggestions on anything we have overlooked.
  • If at any point you have any questions, or encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us at 678-358-9830, or at

As part of the registration process we request the following:

Have your pastor or ministry director send us a letter on the "ministry letterhead". If you are a pastor or the director of a ministry we suggest you use the chairman of your board. This letter should contain your involvement in Christian ministry or your involvement in your local church, with a recommendation to this hospitality home ministry as one who qualifies and who is of the utmost integrity. Have the letter include your name, address, phone number at home and cell, as well as email. Have them include this line in the letter please, "I understand that I am acting in good faith in recommending ___________________ to the ministry of ServantCARE's Hospitality Homes." Have them sign and date it. Send to: ServantCARE, 80 Seven Hills Blvd - Suite 101, Box 333 - Dallas, Ga 30132. This must be received via USPS only, so we have a hard copy for our files. Sorry, no emails.

Host Questionnaire
Some host one night and some for as long as a week, or even longer. This is according to your schedule so please do not feel any pressure to do more than that with which you are comfortable.
Please list additional bedroom details here.
Please send us a picture of the exterior of your home (be sure there is no car in the picture) and one of yourself/yourselves/family. Under Hospitality Homes we put a picture of the homes that are available so they will recognize them when they arrive. In addition we list the amenities so they can check the website and see which homes best meet their needs before they contact us. WE WILL NEVER LIST YOUR NAME OR ADDRESS so anyone accessing our website could contact you. Each person must go through our approval process. We guard our hosts privacy!
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Have a question or need assistance?

Please contact us @ 334.355.3345